The Other Side of Nureyev

A signed memento from Nureyev himself The other afternoon I immersed myself in two Nureyev films, The White Crow and Nureyev, at the NY Institute of Technology. I was trying to fill the gap left by the closing of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema across the street. It was some salve to learn the details of... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Time….

Arrived  at the theater to see, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Quentin Tarentino’s dramatic and visually enticing alternative fiction film,    bought a large carton of popcorn, leaned back with the plush faux leather mafia like chairs, pushed the side button as the front of the chair morphed into a lounger and took in... Continue Reading →

Liza with a Z

“Liza With a ‘Z’,” the 1976 concert film of Liza Minelli directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, got a recent wonderful revival as part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Gia Kourles wrote in the New York Times how Minelli at 26 was a pure “knock out,” and how Fosse was completely taken with her.... Continue Reading →

La Mama: Here and Now

I was lucky enough to catch the La MaMa production of Contradict This! A Birthday Funeral for Heroes. In it, the Bearded Ladies Cabaret “celebrated” the second centennial of Walt Whitman. Fitting the exultant demand to contradict, it was as much a birthday party as a funeral. It also being Pride and the 50th anniversary... Continue Reading →

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